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Betasoftmarketing understands how important it is for your company to have accelerated growth, and that too by finding workforce which is adept to the latest trends, in order to face and solve issues of the new age and those gone by. Expertise and experience needs to be shared, corporate data and ideas need to be dwelt on and worked with accordingly, and only then would the traditional ways of business welcome the new age mannerisms of responding to change and making key decisions for the internal and external customers alike. The latter two need to be in sync to bring about the right working environment, or else one wouldn’t reap the profits as expected.

Get IT enabled and business friendly

The deployment model as used by Betasoftmarketing is that of meeting every security requirement of the company, one that would still allow the venture to reap profits at the same time, hence the model is unique and one of a kind. Companies these days work with Saas and want to make hay while the SAAS sun shines too, which includes;

  • a.Speedy deployment services
  • b.Quicker iteration cycles
  • c. Low maintenance
  • d. Low ownership costs
  • e. The best hosted services
  • f.Dedicated applications
  • g. Secured data centres
  • h. Dedicated teams
  • i. Collaborative features for the IT staff and more

Dont ignore, but integrate the investments made

Betasoftmarketing doesn’t dwell on hype, and we work only on what we experience first hand. This being said, the team allows for integration of important traditional ways of business, for example CRM or ERP with new age social software platforms. In doing so, companies now have it easier for their employees to take action and collaborate for measures when important functions and processes are being worked on by the many systems at the office.

The structure is an open oriented one where companies now can have all important applications on a virtual basis integrated; they can share information with one another without third parties knowing about it too. The team at Betasoftmarketing believes in microblogging as well, which would send out important snippets to the employees time and again, for marketing and sales needs.

Why us?

At Betasoftmarketing we are of the firm belied that Saas is what the entire business community online is rapidly shifting too. When it is done with due diligence, vendors would be aligned and your customers would be in the loop, well-informed and satisfied. Remember, unless you our client is happy and content with what we can do, we aren’t taking forty winks. Contact our project managers at Betasoftmarketing to know more.



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