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Betasoftmarketing believes in giving it’s clients the ultimate when it comes to SEO or search engine optimisation plans. A total package on social media and SEO is guaranteed, and at an affordable cost as well. Our team is well versed with the latest happening around in the world of SEO and SMO, and it is our unique strategies which would eventually manage and care for your sites complete maintenance and strategies on marketing, promotions and more. Our promise to you is not only promoting to gain more traffic, but to ensure that quality conversions happen which would keep your company’s balance sheet in the thick of times.

Our deliverables

  • 1. We promise to make your visibility online enhanced and strong
  • 2.  Brand popularity improvements
  • 3.  Brand awareness assured
  • 4.  Faster social visibility and improvisations


While allowing Betasoftmarketing to take over, we guarantee;

It wouldn’t be done to look unnatural; the seo strategies we use are the best which brings in greater exposure for your online venture, with high quality back links and thorough visibility.

2. Money matters
We understand that you are here to make the coffers fill by providing the best of services, and Betasoftmarketing will help you with that. Your brand needs to be recognised and we are pros at making clients and customers alike, aware of your presence through SMO and SEO ways, which brings in the traffic and ROI on a high note.

3. Panda Attacks no more
Everyone is worried about the Google panda attacks, which we ensure wouldn’t happen to your venture, since the seo methods in use are that of multiple variations. Right from urls to titles and the best of content, we assure you no penalties to be scared of.

Phase workings

  • 1.  Evaluation
  • 2.  Analysis of the website
  • 3.  Stats analysis on SEO and SMO
  • 4.  Analysis and research on keywords
  • 5.  Content analysis
  • 6.  Target landing pages created
  • 7.  Duplicate, freshness, readability and pagination checks done
  • 8.  Content optimised, keyword density taken care of and canonicalization done
  • 9.  Optimisation of domain
  • 10.  Meta tags and title optimised
  • 11.  HTML code optimised
  • 12.  HTML and SEO based errors removed
  • 13.  Google Webmaster Verification
  • 14.  Google Analytics Setup

Betasoftmarketing is a pioneer in helping clients and their WebPages with online reputation maintenance. Our team has helped with end to end solutions clients of high repute and stature. To know more on how we can be of use and help for your venture, do contact our project managers at Betasoftmarketing.



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