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Betasoftmarketing is well informed of the ways of the business world, especially online. This is why most clients bank on our teams for public relation services, different yet very effective which would promote and give more exposure to your company, and would build a very strong positive presence for your venture online as well.

There is a lot of noise online, and one needs to stand out from it all, which Betasoftmarketing would help your venture with. For example;

  • 1.  Your brand gets the recognition it deserves, awareness is created
  • 2.  Competition is left far behind and you get to understand what your customers want
  • 3.  Helps provide better customer satisfaction and delight
  • 4.  Feedback, ratings, reviews, invite customers, share and talk about experiences, all possible
  • 5. Brand advocates, utilised and localised, and cross promoting is possible too

Why press release?

Press release services are a way to shout out to the world to acknowledge your existence. When we at Betasoftmarketing would write a PR for you, it would have;

  • 1.  Published by reputed sources, end to end services on that
  • 2.  Media lists are compiled and an editorial for the customers is created
  • 3.  Events are planned, promotions are done, publicity is managed by us
  • 4.  Your venture gets the right amount of applauds and accolades
  • 5.  Relationships with media houses of repute are built strong and maintained for life

Sending out the BIG message

  • 1.  Google+
  • 2.  Facebook
  • 3.  Twitter
  • 4.  LinkedIn
  • 5.  Pinterest
  • 6.  Instagram
  • 7.  SlideShare
  • 8.  YouTube to name a few

Our offerings

Sending out the BIG message

  • 1.  Help with social media strategies and social listening
  • 2.  Monitoring on a real time basis, with feedback
  • 3.  Community awareness and management
  • 4.  Social deployment, social contests et al
  • 5.  Content creation, management and distribution
  • 6.  Refinement and measurement
  • 7.  Writing and distributing press releases
  • 8.  Media contacts
  • 9.  Social media PR
  • 10.  PPC campaign

Betasoftmarketing is a company that works on compelling, innovative and very creative imagery, through plenty of searches, leaving no stone unturned for the display of your venture online. If social ads have inspired you before and you feel, the audience is waiting to hear from you, allow us at Betasoftmarketing to do the needful



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