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The team at Betasoftmarketing believes in working with Joomla simply because it is an open source content management platform which has plenty of benefits to give. With over a thousand extensions and plenty of designs to choose from, the community is strong with developers, support staff and coders that help. One also would want to harp on the fact that Joomla is indeed versatile, works well for mobile event websites too and is extremely user-friendly as well. Corporate clients always ask us for CMS solutions through Joomla, since it is powerful and one of the best with plenty of features to enjoy.


  •  User management is great with Joomla; the concept allows one to make personalised configurations. Users can edit and publish or use the admin options to work with ease. The team at Betasoftmarketing works using many protocols, such as LDAP, Gmail and OpenID to name a few, making streamlining of information easy
  • It acts as an awesome media manager, helping clients manage folders and files with ease. Configurations for the MMIE type settings are easy to do and handle, across various file types as well.
  • Joomla is known as the best language manager, supporting even UTF-8 encoding as well. The admin panel can be in one language, while the website can be in another, hence multi-lingo is for real
  • One can use banner management through Joomla, and get client profiles created as well. Campaigns in abundance can be added, impression numbers can be set, URLs of the special kinds are allowed as well
  • Joomla helps with contact management too, where searching for the particular person with their contact details is made possible. You can search a single person or many from multiple groups at the same time
  • Real time reviews, ratings, feedback and polls made easy to obtain
  • Content management services are the best and at the snap of a finger. Clients get to choose how they want the content to be viewed on their website.
  • Customers can provide ratings, feedback and even email an article to someone or save one in .PDF formats too.
  • Pages load fast, the management is integrated and spam bots are a thing of the past with Joomla in use.

Why choose us?

Our team comprises individuals that are highly creative and innovative using Joomla as a tool. The designers and web developers are well-informed, trained and kept up to date on the latest trends, for web development and web application maintenance. Customisations and extensions are value add-ons, and we understand how important it is for your venture to have the upper hand in the online marketing world.



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